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Aroma - A Delicious Treat

We offer high-quality cakes that meet your standards in every delicious bite.

We offer Catering and Bakery

We offer Live bakery and dessert catering for your momentous occasion.

Quality Cakes

We offer high quality, delicious" from scratch" cakes! See our menu for more information.

Online Delivery

We deliver right at your doorstep.

Made with Love and Passion.

High-quality services since 1989, we make unique creations for unique occasions.

From the very beginning, and over the last 30 years, we haven't lost our passion for great food.

We always trust in innovations and quality because it is who we are as people, as bakers, and as a family. Our healthy ingredients shaped our services unique and delicious.

We focus on the tastiest products and to serve high-quality ingredients. Our unique recipes will melt your mouth with real happiness.

Why Choose us?

We have highly talented and dedicated chefs with innovative ideas and quality ingredients.

It is one of the oldest bakeries that follows the traditional way of baking and very conscious in selecting the ingredients.

We always prefer high-quality ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. We always serve with care, and we offer first-class quality bakery items and cakes.

You can also pick up a wide selection of fresh breads, along with lots of other fine things from the aroma.

Our Philosophy

Our style of baking depends on the traditional way. We always believe in eating healthy food and adding nutrition. Our secret ingredients will give different flavors along with the nutrition facts.

"We know what is good for our customers."

Quality Ingredients

  • We use natural food coloring for our baking.
  • Natural food extracts to increase your taste.
  • We add buttermilk for the moisture in the texture of cookies and cakes.
  • Ground almonds are a delicious healthy addition for cookies.
  • High-Quality dark chocolates for chocolate lovers.